Support your foster child

We support children and their parents in good education for their child (ren). Parents who for whatever reason are unable to send their child(ren) to a school. Because one of the parents is deceased, because both have no financial capacity to do so or because one of them is seriously ill.

In all cases, we strive to find foster parents to support these children. We place children in well known, certified, Nepali orphanages, but prefer, wherever possible, to keep or place them in their own family. We give parents or children never directly money, we will pay directly to the school or the approved institution. We will provide the clothes, food or materials they need.

Would you like to financially sponsor one of these children, you’re welcome. You can of course, with our guidance and supervision, connect and maintain a personal relation with the foster child and / or it’s family. It is also would be great if you ever have the opportunity to pay a visit to your sponsored child. We are glad to accompany that of course.

Out of reasons of privacy and protection of children, we do not give examples. But fortunately we have several sponsors who already support children and in that way making them enjoy a good education or a home where they are happy.