Alapot healthpost

Imagine, a house meant for a family and turned into a health post that geographically covers an area of more than 10.000 people. Even Ethan Hunt would consider this a mission impossible, but the bitter truth is dr Jagat Nepali and his 3 person’s staf has to manage it (somehow).

His enthusiasm is big, as are his skills and especially his patience to work with very limited resources in his daily occupation as general physician. In the town of Thali, just 20 km east of Kathmandu he daily diagnoses and if possible cures the many patients that visits the small health post. He lacks all kinds of basic medicines, even a bandage is hardly found on the empty and dusty shelves in what he calls the storage room. Yes, it is frustrating, he admits, to not being able to even give a patient a proper anaesthesia when retracting a rotten tooth. Or prescribe antibiotics, even paracetamol. He has some, of course, but always he has to make a choice with the amounts he has.

But the future brings hope because the government finally funded a brandnew building where patients can be admitted in emergencies and where more medicines and facilities will be possible in the near future. Himalayan Care Hands Nepal and Holland are talking future collaboration to make basic healthcare possible with supplying medicines, instruments and other supplies. Basic but effective. The doctor is already happy with the donation of a blood pressure device and today he received even a portable ultrasound machine to help diagnose the healthy grow of unborn children. Thanks to a Belgium hospital the machine could be donated.