India-Nepal dispute

Oct 3, 2015- Just after the constitution was put into effect, India stops the trucks at the border citing security issues. Our stand is this is a vengeance from India as they are not happy with Nepal’s new constitution. This is a trade blockade, just not officially announced. India is likely to come up with an official statement concerning the ongoing blockade of India-Nepal border on Saturday.
Nepali Ambassador to India Deep Kumar Upadhyay, who held a meeting with Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval on Friday afternoon, told the Post there is a clear indication that Delhi is preparing to take “necessary steps” to ease the tension between the two countries.
Anti-Indian protests are raging in several parts of Nepal in the wake of the border blockade which has triggered a shortage of fuel. Indian officials blame the blockade on the security situation in the Tarai, Nepal’s southern belt that shares border with India, where the protests are becoming increasing violent.
“The Indian side is likely to decide on the matter. We’ll see the results soon,” Upadhyay said. A source said the issue of border blockade was also discussed during the meeting held at the prime minister’s office on Thursday and Friday. Nepali industrialist and former Constituent Assembly member Binod Chaudhary, who is in New Delhi on a business trip, also met with Indian officials and discussed the matter concerning border movement restriction between the two countries.
“I feel that whatever the misunderstandings there were with Delhi have been cleared to a large extent. The movement of cargoes will resume within a few days,” said Chaudhary.
An official at the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the current situation at the India-Nepal border was borne out of misunderstanding from both the sides.

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