Kavre school for the deaf

HCHN is working with the Kavre school for the deaf in Banepa, where our boardmember Krishna Nakarmi is head of school.

The Kavre school for the hearing-impaired has 80 students and is started by Dutch Kumari foundation. It is located about an hour’s drive from Kathmandu. In the past we did develop special courses English which were given by chairman Indira Khatiwoda (the famous so called ‘I am in Facebook’- courses, developed by Albert Kampermann from HCH Holland and Marieke Meelen from International Award).

Also there was a lack of computers, which these children especially need to get out of a certain social isolation due to their handicap. We donated special laptops and provided internet to learn them much more effective and open up the world surrounding them.

The children are very eager to learn all about this ‘magic’ machines, including the possibilities of making and sharing photo’s, video’s, word files and to interact with each other and the teachers. This year also the group of Award Nepal 2015 revisited their project at the school. They are this year with as many as 16 people teaching, ranging from English to Arts and sports and games. Our foundation will be working to collect in the Netherlands and Belgium (used) but good functioning laptops for the school. Who wants to support with new or used equipment, so if you have a spare laptop, please contact us.