Namaste (again)

Welcome or Namaste to Himalayan Care Hands Nepal! We are a group of five women who started an NGO in Kathmandu in order to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people in Nepal. Why a new NGO? In Nepal there are many NGOs who want to help and care and try to do good for the poor living situations where many Nepalese suffer from. But do good is one, doing better is something else. We believe that social improvement requires active engagement with as many sources as possible to achieve tangible results.

We collaborate with other organizations and the government to use an integral approach to the problems and raise national and international awareness and funds to professionally approach the charity goals. We are especially active for minority groups in Nepal, who are isolated by society because they are labeled as inferior because of race or religion.

We thereby maintain three key words: enable, educate and empower.

That is the success of sustainable integration of these groups into society. To help them build or repair schools, provide health care, education for blind and deaf people, information about many important socio-cultural influences that dominate their life situation. But also to stimulate and create local employment and demand constant attention to the position of women and minorities in society. Three values that we want to make a proactive approach.
Also with your help as a donor and volunteer. It’s never too late to improve, it’s never too early to start. We do not only do good, but better. The emphasis lays on an approach which is characterized by converting words into action. Now. We are at the dawn of beautiful things to come. Welcome to Himalayan Care Hands Nepal.