Thali school

In the village Thali, east of Kathmandu,  the primary school of Chaula Narayan was destroyed by the earthquake in 2015. More than 40 children -ages 5 to 15- are staying in a shabby temporary building that can best be described as a barn. No windows, unfinished walls, a mud floor. No electricity and no sanitation. On broken school benches they attend class.

The children themselves are from the lowest ‘cast’ and some children lost one or two parents during the earthquake. The families living in Thali do not own earthquake resistant homes, the majority of the houses collapsed and there are not any resources to rebuild the village and the school.

Himalayan Care Hands Nepal has taken the fate of this community and have been in talks with the teachers. The biggest problem is poverty which is evident from the fact that the children get only one or two meals per day. We have therefore started a food program to give the children a hot meal every day at school. We also had to buy them clothing and new school uniforms and warm sweaters, thanks to donations from Belgium and England for the cold winter months.

In December 2015, Heidi van den Broeck began a unique fundraising by making and selling tea light holders ( A great success which we have been able to extend the food program. Faye, our HCH representative from England also put a lot of effort, not to forget mention the Belgian couple Martin and Hilde, who have named their trip to Nepal in the sign sponsorship. With this we could also equip a full kitchen.

In July 2016, fifteen members of the RK. Foundation Youth CHRISKO traveled to Nepal to rebuild the elementary school with Himalayan Care Hands. They previously amassed an impressive amount together with all kinds of fundraising activities in the Netherlands. Not only with money but also with the hands they began to strip the old building to raise one new building along the old one. The ground floor is almost finished and it is scheduled for 2017 to continu the upper floor.

Gallery Thali school old situation:

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Gallery Thali new:

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