Volunteering 2019

Here we present you first all you (really) need to know before applying with the form at the end of this page. Read it carefully!


Nepal is a fascinating country in the Himalayas, known for its great attraction due to the overwhelming nature (10 of the highest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest!) and the ancient magical culture. Unfortunately, the beautiful country also is suffering from major social problems, mostly due to the lack of good education and health care facilities.
Aid from abroad is urgently required and necessary. Fortunately we see an increase in volunteers who are helping in a passionate and motivated way in our projects. This is a ‘win-win’ situation. The reward is a life awarding experience which is also useful in our rapidly changing multicultural world and also is more and more appreciated by (future) employers.

What we need

Himalayan Care Hands Nepal offers you the opportunity to use your talent, live your passion as a (almost certified) teacher in a school, as a certified nurse in a hospital, doctors, dental assistants, dentists, clinical lab technicians in health care post or hospitals, in remote areas or in the cities. Also for those who needs internships for their study. Also teaching awareness & prevention about pregnancy, childbirth, post-natal care, mother-child therapy, dental care, personal and environmental hygiene, and so on.

In our schools we need teaching English writing with our own innovative English method (“I am in Facebook”), computer classes. Furthermore teaching mathematics, history, computer lessons, cultural exchange, sports and games at primary and secondary schools in many remote areas in Nepal or close to Kathmandu.
Community development in a broad sense, educational programs for families, empowerment programs for women, social work, sports and games, agriculture, construction & hand-crafts (in several Village Development Communities).
These are just some of the options, ask if you have other talents we can befit from. There is a big chance your help is more than welcome in Nepal.
Note: for medical volunteering we need one month in advance permission from the (local) government and you have to sent a copy of your qualifications (except internships).

Experience in teaching is an advantage, but not necessary. Unless you want to do an internship!

But keep in mind that you should have a good understanding of English if you want to teach.

Most important competences are Initiative, creativity and flexibility in sometimes basic and unstructured situations.

What you get

Volunteering in Nepal is a real challenge. It is one of the most poor countries of the world and social welfare, education and healthcare are basic or even absent in remote areas. Creativity, patience and endurance are needed to fulfil your own mission. Your own passion is your most important asset.
In return your volunteer work will become an unforgettable memory. You will learn how to appreciate everyday life in Nepal and before you know it, you’re included as family member in the community! And your experience obtained in Nepal will be useful in your next career steps.

You stay at family homes or fams, mostly in scenic locations. The family will heartily provide you with all (healthy!) Nepali meals. You sleep in your own room, but shower and toilet outside, soon you ‘ll be a family member..
HCH will assist you all the way in your personal planning, duration does not matter, even it is for 4 weeks or 6 months. Minimum age is 18 years, we have no maximum age restrictions.

When you sent us a mail, we will discus the possibilities, depending on your wishes, capabilities.

mail: indira.khatiwoda@gmail.com